GoodBye 2011 you shall be missed!

There is no doubt about it, 2011 is one for the history books of Sam.  This year has hands down been the most eventful year of my life.  It all started off with a bang at the stroke of twelve, while Pete and I rang in the New Year with some of our closest friends.  We didn’t know it at the time but our lives were about to be taken on a wild adventure across 10 countries.

Although 2011 hasn’t been so great for some people, Kim Jong Il and Amy Winehouse just to name a few, Pete and I have been lucky enough to make some our wildest dreams come true.  We’ve drank champagne in the Champagne region, we’ve been bums in Europe, watched the sunset in Oia, partied it up in Ibiza and walked along the last pieces of the Berlin wall.  How on earth are we ever going to top the memories we made? Quite frankly, we’re not. We are only going to build up from here. Yes, I’m sad to see 2011 go, but oh boy, am I excited for the adventures of 2012! A new year, a new start, new goals and dreams to achieve.   This is our first full year with no school and a steady income.  Sure we have some bills and school debts to pay off but we’re only young once. We might as well make the best of our time without the responsibility of cars, insurance, mortgage, babies, etc.

So let’s get to the down and dirty. What does Samantha have cooked up for her 2012 resolutions?

1)      Oh, you know the usual; lose 10 pounds (and keep it off).  Except I’m going to go a little nontraditional at this point; I want run a consecutive 20 K by the end of 2012.  I love running but up until Pete’s discovery of Nike +, our running regime was Pete runs a lap and walks the other 15 while saying “I’ll always hate running” and “I’m a sprinting athlete”, while I lightly jog my 10k.  Now, Pete strives to beat his five minute mile, outruns me without even breaking a sweat and talks nonstop about how awesome he is.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking, annoying! But I finally have someone to run with, someone to challenge me, someone who no longer “hates running”.  So needless to say I have made an executive decision and added this to Pete’s resolutions, he just may not know it yet.  So OUR resolution is to run 20k….and hopefully lose 10 pounds while in the process.

2)      So for my (our) second resolution, I want to visit 10 new countries by 2013.  This would put my total countries visited to around 30.  After our contract is up, Pete and I are planning to backpack South East Asia for a few months.  Like I said, we are only young once.  I cannot imagine leaving this side of the world without further exploring it.  So many experiences and countries to wonder through.  I’m so excited about this resolution.  It will take a lot of saving and a lot of planning but nothing excites me more, and quite frankly is the reason why I wake up in the mornings and go to work.

3)      And my third new years resolution is to create a bucket list.  I have always made short term goals with the future rarely in mind.   Yes, graduating and getting a job was on my mental check list, but still the thought of being in a career seems too grown up for me.  Everyday I think of new things I want to do, or accomplish before I leave this world but my thoughts are always so scattered that these rarely make it to my long term memory.  So alas, I am determined to make a list of everything I wish to accomplish.  In a way, this is a spin on the old resolution to get organized.

So that pretty much sums up my plans for 2012.  I know it will never top last year but if you keep living life trying to outdo each year you will find yourself frequently disappointed.  Hopefully I can live each day to the fullest and just add to my great memories of the world as Pete and I discover it.


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  1. Mom
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 21:15:43

    I Like your new years resolutions ..hugs mom xo


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