As some of you already know, I am spending the next 365 days working and living in Ulsan, South Korea!  Traveling is probably my biggest passion in life. Having been to over 17 countries, I think I have some experience under my belt, but never have I spent a full year abroad.  I will take you through some of my ups and my downs of living in an Asian country for a year and hopefully for some of my friends and family this provides them with a window into my worldly travels!


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  1. Ratna (full name Ratnavathy Ragunathan)
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 15:32:09

    Hello there,

    I kinda stumbled upon your blog through another indian lady’s blog. I’m also a vegetarian AND a qualified English language teacher from Malaysia, and I’ll be moving to Ulsan in about 4 months time (my husband’s got a job there). I heard that it’s tough for a non-native teacher to get a job there, but I think I have more than enough credentials to land myself a job there.

    Please kindly email me, as I think I need to make friends with people who speak English in Korea from now itself, better still, an English language teacher herself!:)


  2. LiveLauren
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 12:12:50

    Hey, I’ve had fun reading your blog! Hope you’re enjoying life in Ulsan? I’ve been planning on making a day-trip there since it’s so close to Daegu – is there much to do?


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